XPC Diamond Green

If you've come to this page, it's likely that you saw my post and are interested in buying some XPC Diamond Green organic.

I bought a 50# bag recently.  That's enough for my family for 20 years, so I'd love to sell some.  The cost is $20 for 4 pounds plus $10 for a USPS Priority Mail delivery to your address in the US.  (If you're anywhere near the Albany, NY area and want to pick it up, that's fine.  Just write to me.  You'll save the $10.)

[DISCLOSURE: In my original post, I said shipping was $9, but I found out when I actually mailed a couple packages to people that the USPS Priority Mail cost is $10, so now it's a nice, round $30 total. ]

Here's the deal.  Write back to say you want some, or with any questions you have.  My address is
   george at openup dot com
--- of course, written as an e-mail address would be, not the way I've written it.

Make out a $30 check to George Duggan and mail it to 431 Old Best Road, West Sand Lake, NY 12196.

The product will be poured directly from the 50 bag into Ziploc Freezer bags, and sealed with as little air as possible.  I'll mail the XPC to you as soon as the check clears my account.  I know I'm not going to cheat you, and my guess is that you'll be happy to able to buy a small amount at a good price, so you won't cheat me either.  Hopefully that's a good assumption.